A better way to splint

UPETS is a customizable stabilization system for small animals – before, after or without surgery.

Study: UPETS® Splinting System delivered promising results as a safer cast alternative

In a study with AniCura, only 13% of UPETS-treated dogs developed a complication that required treatment, which is much lower than previously reported 55% complication rate.

Meet the UPETS system

Shaped like the animal's leg

Based on 30,000 3D-scanned dog legs, the anatomical shape keeps the limb in natural alignment and helps prevent complications.

Strong heat-moldable splint

Our unique Woodcast® material is remoldable up to 25 times, antimicrobial, as strong as fiberglass, and water tolerable.

Innovative wrap

The included Unitex wrap takes care of moisture, padding, and fixation without the need for tape stirrups or non-breathable bandages.


Get started with UPETS today

Customizable for the patient's needs

Adjustable stabilization from full limb to padded bandage, uniquely moldable for your patient.

Faster and easier to work with

UPETS takes minutes to apply, it's X-ray transparent and easy to open for checkups. No tape strirrups, cast saw, or water is needed.

Shaped to support, not to cause problems

UPETS challenges the current casts, spoon splints and Robert Jones bandages, as its features help you avoid common problems.

What our customers say:

"A game-changer compared to the normal cast"

"We are really happy with the product. The first patient's owner has a comparison to normal cast and UPETS and she says it is a game-changer!"

UPETS re-defines veterinary external coaptation

Our products are designed to improve the quality of care for animals, make treatment easier for veterinarians, and speed up the healing process.
Research & Insights

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