Cancer could not keep Coral and Suzanne from their daily walks – “The brace has truly been a lifesaver for Coral”

Coral the dog and her owner Suzanne were stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is the story of how they found a way out – and back to their daily walks together.  
“The brace has truly been a lifesaver for Coral”, writes owner Suzanne. At 13 years, Coral was diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma at her right hock. The initial two options given were bleak: amputate or wait until the bone fractures and euthanize.
Because of Coral’s age and neck arthritis, amputation was ruled out. So, Suzanne and Coral waited. A few months after the diagnosis everything seemed to be going well, but then symptoms arose.
“Swelling got worse on the medial aspect of her hock causing her foot to turn outward and she began limping”, Suzanne recounts.
But then there was a third option: UPETS. Suzanne says she contacted the Dassiet team to ask about leg braces for Coral and the team recommended the product to her. Now, Coral has been wearing the UPETS as a leg brace for a month. Owner Suzanne was impressed by how easily Coral took to her new brace,
”Immediately after putting it on her we went on a walk for the first time in a week of worrying and resting her. She took to it immediately, has never licked or chewed at it.”
Suzanne tells us she takes the UPETS off at bedtime and puts it back on when it’s time to wake up. She has even made some light adjustments to it herself, with good results. Now, Coral and Suzanne are enjoying their daily walks together – and they’re joined by Coral’s little brother,
”She goes on a 1/2-1 mile walk 1-2 times a day and looks forward to them. She will even get up to a quick trot to catch up with her little brother. Thank you so much for all you guys do. I don't know where we would be without this awesome product!”
Thank you, Suzanne and Coral, for sharing your story with us. Enjoy your walks together!
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A dog with a leg brace on walking