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We’ve combined latest veterinary research, biomechanical engineering and material innovations with our vast and expansive knowledge of human and animal orthopedics to bring pet care into modern day.

Our mission

We set the pace for better veterinary care

We rely on scientific research, decades of hands-on experience and high-performance supermaterials to provide human level care for animals. We’re re-engineering the common practices to help veterinarians and vet nurses be outstanding pit crews for our champions. Here’s a few ways we ensure our products are high quality, proven and tested.


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The Science Behind UPETS

Materials & Engineering

We made UPETS from the best materials suited for both human and animal health care. UPETS products are optimized for fast and easy application, high comfort and reduced complications.


Biodegradable, non-toxic thermoplastic material made from aspen wood and biopolymers. 2X stronger than Plaster, Woodcast is FDA and CE approved for medical casting and splinting, with over 1,5 million people treated to date.


Self-cohesive, hypoallergic and breathable fabric that replaces stockings, tapes and bandages needed in traditional casting. It’s tested by top athletes and used in human orthopedics.

Anatomical fit

We ensure perfect anatomical fit by using our database of 30,000 digitally scanned animal legs. Our team has decades of experience in biomechanical orthopedics to create highly engineered solutions.

Fast application

UPETS products are always ready to be applied directly from the package. Everything is precut and measured, and only a few components are needed.

Meet the changemakers

American Engineering Meets Nordic Materials

Our products are developed and manufactured in Colorado from safe and pure materials made in Finland. The novel designs and patterns are a collaboration between human and animal orthopedic knowledge, top veterinary research and sustainable supermaterials.

Our team consists of experienced veterinarians, vet technicians, veterinary orthopedic and prosthetic (VOP) experts and manufacturers as well as human medicine professionals such as doctors and cast technicians.

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