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Anatomical Shape

For healing and proprioception

Breathable Materials

For comfort and safety

Easy Full-Leg Support

To match the injury

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Thoracic Kit


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One product, multiple treatments

TLC has only 3 components and is engineered for easy destabilization. You can use the same product on the patient throughout the whole 6–12-week treatment.

Full leg support

For full leg support start with both the caudal and cranial pieces. Wrap the Unitex fabric all the way to the armpit or groin.

Modify to fit

Trim with scissors. Modify the 3D shape with a heatgun. It's never been easier to make a perfectly fitting cast for your patient.

Step by step destabilization

Remove the cranial piece to create a lighter caudal splint. Use just the soft bandage to offer support at the end of the treatment.

Carpus, tarsus and toes

For less severe injuries, use our carpus, tarsus or toe splints.

Strong and Breathable Supermaterials

Made of FDA and CE approved, thermoplastic Woodcast material, the TLC is non-toxic, biodegradable, and stronger than fiberglass. Unitex is a soft, self-cohesive sports grade fabric that passes moisture and heat and dries fast.

Easy to apply and adjust

We have precut, molded and measured everything for you. UPETS TLC consists of only 3 parts, and it can be applied in less than 5 minutes. You can use the same product throughout the treatment and taking it on and off for checkups is fast and easy.

No more race against time

Using UPETS TLC you are not in a race against time to get your patient out of the cast. Help the injury to heal thoroughly, from the operation room to rehabilitation. Destabilize the cast by removing parts of the TLC as the treatment progresses towards full recovery.

TLC design features

Anatomically fitting support

Our designs are based on over 30,000 3D scanned animal legs. The TLC products fit snugly around muscles and soft tissue creating a firm three-point support, while leaving space around the delicate bony areas such as elbows and dew claws. This prevents sores, wounds and maceration.

Natural weight bearing

3D engineered splints allow the limb to heal in a natural position and restore vertical forces into the bone without compromising support. This enhances tissue healing and reduces the need for physiotherapy later. Your patient can walk normally off the treatment table.

Support high enough

Novel 3D design flexes with muscle gain or loss and permits supporting much higher than the common circumferential cast. The low profile, anti-slip Unitex fabric allows you to wrap close to the groin or armpit without bulky ‘peglegs’ and the fear of friction wounds.

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